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Mrs Murals: The wall mural artist that turns your blank walls into inspiring spaces

Professional Muralist

Award-winning university graduated artist based in Plymouth, Devon, specialising in designing and painting wall murals. Contact for a free design and quote.

Mrs Murals

A documentary by Simon Cohen Film

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Chaddlewood subways

by Plymouth Culture

Forest Trees

Being Green

The Eco-Friendly Choice

Choosing a mural instead of a sign or decal sticker is a more sustainable, environmentally friendly option. As well as using less plastic, commissioning a mural will reduce your carbon footprint at the same time as supporting a local business!

Beach Meditation

Improving mental health

Whether it's in the office, school or home bedroom, art has been proven to help concentration and mental well-being by improving brain function, reducing stress and raising serotonin levels. When done right, artwork has the ability to change a person's outlook and the way they experience the world.

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