Ethos and Sustainability

I care deeply about the natural world and am grateful for the inspiration it gives me.  I'm very eco-conscious and do my best to work ethically and consider the environment wherever and however I can:

  • Products used are chosen for their minimal use of plastic and harmful chemicals. I use non-toxic, water based paints for my murals

  • Wherever possible I follow the mantra “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle” 

  • When I need to buy new materials I try to buy sustainably, locally and second hand. If I have to buy new then I do what I can to buy products made from recycled materials, e.g. my paint tray and roller brush are made from recycled materials

  • Work clothing is made from recycled materials and printed locally using eco solvent products

Supporting local charities and community projects is a large part of my business and personal life. I believe art can lift the spirits and improve mental health.

During lockdown I set up a pop up pantry to help elderly neighbours and have donated part of my commission earnings to a food bank and a children’s hospice. At weekends my time is spent indulging my passion for the environment and nature by planting trees with charity organisation Moor Trees or doing local litter picking & beach cleans with my family.

Choosing a mural instead of a sign or decal sticker is a more sustainable, environmentally friendly option. As well as using less plastic, commissioning a mural will reduce your carbon footprint at the same time as supporting a local business!