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Local stories featuring Mrs Murals

I'm passionate about supporting the local community through my business wherever I can. Here are some examples...


Lifting spirits at the start of the pandemic

In April 2020 I painted on my driveway wall to lift spirits in my local community. There were Anemone flowers to symbolise protection against illness and Snowdrops to symbolise hope. I painted the flowers in British red, white and blue to boost morale. I also started a pop up pantry for elderly neighbours who were unable to get supplies from the shops.


Falklands 40 year commemoration

In October 2022 I worked with the National Trust at Saltram to create large artworks in memory of soldiers who fought in the Falklands war, ready for remembrance in November.


World Earth Day project

In Spring 2023 The Broadway Plymstock commissioned public murals in honour of World Earth Day on the walls of Iceland and Poundland in the busy shopping centre entrance. I created designs that celebrated nature and were interactive, at the same time as being thought-provoking and raising awareness of declining UK species.


Brixham Mural Trail

In Summer 2022 I painted 3 murals in Brixham town centre as part of a mural trail, commissioned by Brixham Future CIC.

IMG_20220925_204340_437 - Copy.jpg

Chaddlewood subway project

A project organised by local councillor Ian Poyser, I teamed up with a collaboration of environmental organisations with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of protecting our environment, creating artistic designs on the 6 subways of Chaddlewood.


Art for my community

I designed this mural for my local community to signify the end of lockdown and restarting our economy together. I then contacted my local school and councillor to organise bringing the art to my neighbourhood.


Chaddlewood subway project

In summer 2022 I worked with Clean Our Patch - a local litter picking organisation - to help raise awareness of the importance of protecting our environment, creating thought-provoking designs on the 6 subways of Chaddlewood.


Help for DCFA

During the summer of 2020 the demands for local foodbanks went up significantly due to the economic impact of the pandemic. I supported local food bank Devon and Cornwall Food Action by donating a large sign for their warehouse. I also made a donation to the charity for every mural commissioned in July.


Charity support

As well as supporting DCFA, I donated to Children's Hospice South West for every commission in January 2021.

Brightening the streets of Stonehouse

As part of a project organised by Plymouth's Cliik Community through Plymouth's Artists Together (PAT), it was a pleasure to help tackle graffiti and improve the look of the streets of North Stonehouse. I painted 2 of the green BT boxes, one as the blue house and one with a sunflower and bee. We received an enormous amount of positive feedback from locals, passers by and on social media. I hope to be involved in more community projects like this.


Do you have a project you'd like me to get involved in?

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